Aladdin is a deliciously sweet dessert for 90’s kid.

Aladdin Official Movie Poster The Scorpion Soul

Aladdin is a deliciously sweet dessert for 90’s kid.

Aladdin Movie Scene 1 The Scorpion Soul




STORY:-  A genie from a lamp, granting Aladdin all of the wishes and he transforming himself into a charming prince in order to marry a beautiful princess.


Aladdin Movie Scene 2 The Scorpion Soul


ALERT:-  It will give you a nostalgic feeling.


RATING:-   4/5



POSITIVES:-  Finally I saw Aladdin and definitely it’s a good remake of the animated movie by @disney. It really exceeded my expectations and I had great fun during the whole movie. @menamassoud as Aladdin looks charming & dashing on screen. He sarcastic & got some really good parkour moves. Aladdin & his relationship with his monkey is definitely a must watch. @naomigscott as jasmine looks literally like a real Princess in this movie. Her chemistry with @menamassoud is amazing. Overall both of them looks great with each other. @willsmith as a genie is something that you can’t miss at all. I genuinely feel that he is the coolest man on earth & you can feel his energetic vibes on screen. He totally steals the show from @menamassoud & @naomigscott. He is just great with his comic timing. The best thing was the cinematography. It’s really gorgeous. It’s a musical rom-com & music is truly the soul of this movie. There’s a really good amount of songs. The costumes are amazing & the use of colorful costumes is treated to watch on screen. @guyritchie is mostly known for his movie like “Sherlock Holmes” & “Snatch” and it’s amazing to see such a great direction by him in @aladdin. It’s flawless. The visuals are just stunning and it will take you to another world. The screenplay is engaging and it will hook you up till the end. The gorgeous sets & cultural representation is amazing. The CGI made animals like monkey & tiger is amazing. The carpet & genie looks so real in this film.

Aladdin Movie Scene 3 The Scorpion Soul


NEGATIVES:-  The villain @marwankenzari looks really weak & young in the movie. Some scenes are very much stretched & highly dramatic. The second half is a little bit slow.


Aladdin Movie Scene 4 The Scorpion Soul



1. @menamassoud & @naomigscott chemistry.

2. @willsmith as a genie

3. Aladdin’s monkey

4. VFX & Cinematography

5. Music

6. Sets & Arabic culture


Aladdin Movie Scene 6 The Scorpion Soul


VERDICT:-  @aladdin is a deliciously sweet dessert for 90’s kid.



Aladdin Movie Scene 5 The Scorpion Soul



WHERE TO WATCH:-  In Cinemas Only.



Aladdin Movie Scene 7 The Scorpion Soul


Here’s the trailer, Must watch:- 


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