KALANK is an 80 crore fancy shit


KALANK is an 80 crore fancy shit


KALANK is an 80 crore fancy shit




STORY:-  KALANK is a period drama love story of Zafar & Roop sets in 1945.




ALERT:- Think thrice before watching this KALANK.







POSITIVES:- The best thing about KALANK is @aliaabhatt & @adityaroykapur . Both of them are just great in this movie. @aliaabhatt is in great form & she is brilliant from minute 1 to last. The production sets & designs are well made. Everything is visually very much stunning & eye-popping. The chemistry between @aliaabhatt & @varundvn is lit. The costumes are really great and royal. @aliaabhatt dance performance in Ghar More Pardesiya is must watch. The locations & cinematography is up to the mark. The dialogues are quite good at some points.





NEGATIVES:-  KALANK is a movie where everything is totally silly & dumb. There’s no plot development at all. This is totally a highly predictable cliche love story of a Hindu girl & a Muslim guy. KALANK has nothing new to offer & after one hour it will test your patience skills. The storyline is very boring & it lacks good plot twists & turns. The screenplay is slow & non-engaging. The characters are so strange & every time they look unnecessarily serious. The direction by Abhishek Varman is very average & some scenes are very much dramatic. The scene between @madhuridixitnene @duttsanjay & @varundvn is highly melodramatic & too much filmy. The pace of this movie is really slow & 2 hours 50 minutes duration is just equal to 4 hours. The music is very average, for example, “First Class” song, the choreography, lyrics & music is more like 2019 and less like 1945. The makeup & looks of every character are not like 1945’s people. It lacks sharp & good editing. At many places, it looks like SLB movie’s but the magic of his movie is totally missing. @aslisona & @duttsanjay is totally wasted in this movie. There are a lot of silly moments like you will see a lot of background dancers in every song but at the time of Sonaskshi’s funeral, there are only two people LOL.






1. @aliaabhatt performance & her costumes

2. @adityaroykapur Performance

3. The cinematography & sets.


VERDICT:-  KALANK is an 80 crore fancy shit 💩


WHERE TO WATCH:- In Cinemas Only & Book Your Ticket Here.





Here’s the trailer, Must watch:- 


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  • Shikha
    April 19, 2019

    Why always a hindu girls and a muslim boy.

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