KOTA FACTORY Episode 2 is a bundle of solution


KOTA FACTORY Episode 2 is a bundle of solution






STORY:-  Kota Factory revolves around the lives of IIT aspirants based in Kota, the coaching center industry and the struggle of a student’s life.


RATING:-   5/5


POSITIVES:-  The 2nd episode of KOTA FACTORY is just a remarkable piece of writing. All the conversation between students is so relatable and effective. The surroundings of the hostel and mess are created with good detailing and depth. I loved the way @jitendrak1 as jeetu bhaiya trying to connect with the students. He himself is an IIT Kharagpur pass out & delivers dialogues from the heart of his character “JEETU BHAIYA”. With the help of this episode, you will learn that “SMOKING REDUCES FRICTION & HELPS IN A SMOOTH MOTION” lol. The most interesting thing in this episode was the daily struggle of students at a new place. With each sequence, the audience will feel the pain & joy of IIT aspirants. KOTA FACTORY brings out the solutions and ways to deal with the difficult situation & it will help you to survive at a new university or college. The second episode clearly indicates that this series is going to focus on the solutions of students life only. The dialogues are very meaningful and it will motivate you for sure. This episode also shows us the care of a mother for her son as well. The dialogue in the end by Vaibhav’s mother will make you emotional for sure. There’s one dialogue by Vaibhav’s mother which is stuck in my mind.

                                                         ” फोन नहीं उठा रहा, लगता है उसका मन लग गया।”

There’s another dialogue which will steal your heart.

” अरे bullshit गाली नहीं है, it’s a body product which is used as fertilizer.”

” One cannot hate, what one doesn’t see.”

Do watch the greatest life lesson on adjusting yourself at a new place by @jitendrak1 . The music is really impactful. @_more.of.me_@iamalamkhan @rranjanraj18 trio is amazing in every scene. I want to see more of @ahsaassy_ . This episode will put a smile on your face & it will make your eyes wet as well. The direction is really unique and tight screenplay will hook you up till the end. This is a series the best thing right now on the internet.









VERDICT:-  KOTA FACTORY EP 2 is a bundle of solution.






WHERE TO WATCH:-  @tvfqtiyapa



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