Love, Death & Robots is a treat for Sci-Fi & animated movie lover’s.


Love, Death & Robots is a treat for Sci-Fi & animated movie lover’s.

Love Death & Robots


STORY:- It’s an anthology of animated short movies that covers various genres like Sci-Fi, Comedy, Horror & Fantasy.

ALERT:-  The VFX & first episode climax will blow your mind.


POSITIVES:- Love, Death & Robots is a really unique series on Netflix. It covers all kind of genres in every episode with perfection. The great thing about this animated series is it’s duration time. Every episode duration is less than 15 to 18 minutes which makes it a must watch thing. There’s no nonsense drama & conversation in every episode. Each & every episode is brutally bloody & violent. The CGI stuff is amazing & it will give you a better experience on screen. The detailing of every animated character & background is breathtakingly amazing. Every episode is brilliantly written with a good amount of suspense. The storylines & plot suspense is really great in every episode. The Direction of Tim Miller is great & the way he has shown brilliant storyline in just 7 to 18 minutes is great. There are 18 episodes and every episode is good in this series. The Sonnie’s Edge, Beyond The Aquila Rift, Helping Hand, Lucky 13, The Secret War is the must-watch episodes in this series. The action sequences are thrilling & heavy metal BGM makes it more intriguing. The soul of this series are the animators & all the technicians. Their animated characters & creatures look very much real on screen. Every episode will give a great visual experience with a good amount of laugh & it will terrify you for sure. This show is like an animated version of the black mirror. It’s dark & engaging just like a black mirror.


NEGATIVES: The stories are really short so it lacks the character development & plot development. Some stories are really short. The sex scenes are very disturbing & violent. The music in some episodes is unnecessarily loud. Some stories are very unrealistic.



1. Animation

2. Suspense

3. Heavy Metal Music

4. The climax of the first episode

5. Action scenes

6. Episode 1 climax

7. Lucky 13 episode

8. Terrifying Creatures.

VERDICT:-  Love, Death & Robots is a treat for Sci-Fi & animated movie lover’s.

WHERE TO WATCH:- @netflix


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