Music teacher is a sensitive love story of a guilt & hope


Music teacher is a sensitive love story of a guilt & hope



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STORY:-  A music teacher whose musical aspirations have been put on hold struggles with regret when his star pupil, now a successful singer, comes to town.






ALERT:-  This is a beautiful movie based on unspoken love.





RATING:-   4/5


POSITIVES:-  This movie is just beautiful in every department like music, lyrics, acting, story, direction & cinematography. The best thing about this movie is the backdrop of Simla, The cinematographer has done a brilliant job with the camera, you will see lush green pine valleys, aerial shots of beautiful mountains, the mind-blowing scenic beauty of Shimla & Himachal Pradesh. Every place is just gorgeous in this movie. This is a well-crafted movie with crisp and sharp editing. There are no unrealistic drama or nonsense scenes. The direction by Sarthak Gupta is captivating and he has done a brilliant job by putting a good amount of emotions in each scene. This movie raised the level of ROM-COM’S. @manavkaul as Beni is just remarkable, you can see his pain and lack of ambition clearly in this movie. @divyadutta25 has done a brilliant job by putting simplicity & calmness in her character of Geeta. The songs are good and it’s totally situational. The writing of each scene is poetic and it conveys a good message of hope & guilt. The screenplay is engaging. The dialogues will touch your heart for sure. There are a lot of dialogues which will leave you mesmerized.

                                                      ” रिश्ते जबरदस्ती जोड़े जा सकते है, पर दिल नहीं।”
                                                             ” जो दिल को जो छू जाए वहीं संगीत है।”




NEGATIVE:-  There’s no growth in Beni & Geeta’s relationship. @amrita.bagchi as Jyotsana looks very confusing in the whole movie.






1. The beautiful cinematography

2. The lyrics of songs.

3. Manav Kaul’s performance

4. The climax scene





VERDICT:-  Music teacher is a sensitive love story of guilt & hope.










Here’s the trailer, Must watch:- 


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