Petta is a tribute to 90’s Rajnikant

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Petta is a tribute to 90’s Rajnikant

Petta (Tamil) Review


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STORY:-  A former gangster-cum-hostel warden goes on a mission to take revenge against an old enemy.


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ALERT:-  It’s a Rajnified movie.


RATING:-   3/5


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POSITIVES:-  The most positive thing in this movie was the electrifying @rajinikanth.His performance is so powerful & energetic. I just love his aura & style. His screen presence will give you goosebumps for sure. The intensity he brings to some shots is amazing. It’s really a tough work for 70 years old actor to bring so much power & energy into the screen. His facial expressions are so good in this film. The next main thing was music. Every scene is filled with solid & loud background music. It will give you a great thrilling experience. @anirudhofficial never disappoints us with his music. @nawazuddin._siddiqui also shines in this masala movie. @actorvijaysethupathi is an amazing actor & he also gets a good role in this movie. He is good with his character facial expressions & dialogues. The screenplay is engaging & it will give you some really good goosebumps moments. The action sequences are clap worthy & it is choreographed beautifully. The suspense before n after the climax is maintained beautifully. The last 2 minutes are unexpected. The direction by @ksubbaraj is good. Petta is larger than life revenge action drama. It’s purely made for @rajinikanth fans. Every Rajinikanth scene is full of whistle podu moments. You won’t regret watching his entry & his style in every scene. It’s a pleasure to watch him like this. It’s all about Rajinikanth and his style.



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NEGATIVES:- If there’s @rajinikanth then the movie doesn’t need a story. It lacks good writing in the first half. It lacks a good lead actress as well. There are no powerful female characters. The songs will give you yawning moments as well. The first half I felt could have been improvised to bring character introduction to Vijay. Instead of Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Vijay Sethupathi could have been the main villain.


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3. BGM



VERDICT:-  Petta is a tribute to 90’s Rajnikanth.



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WHERE TO WATCH:-  @netflix



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Here’s the trailer, Must watch:- 


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