Rajma Chawal is the best dish served with heart & love.


Rajma Chawal is the best dish served with heart & love.


STORY:- A father attempts to reconnect with his lonely, stubborn son through Facebook.

ALERT:-  This movie brilliantly shows us the lives of people in Chandni Chowk & Old Delhi


POSITIVES:-   Rajma Chawal is deliciously yummy with the tadka of emotions & comedy. You will crave for more. I haven’t seen such a beautiful & heartfelt picturization of Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi. This is a really good film which deals with the life of a family in a small area. It also shows the big gap between the old generation values & modern generation values. There are really good humoristic & emotional moment’s which will hook you up till the end. Chandni Chowk is not just a place in this movie. It’s a lead character. The director has done a great job by showing the love, affection, care & friendship of Old Delhi people. When it comes to playing the father role, Rishi Kapoor is a Picasso of it. He is so good as a father in this movie. I almost had tears in my eyes while watching his performance. This movie is made in the congested streets of Chandni Chowk & everything is just colorful, full of life. The whole has acted really well & music is really catchy. The storytelling & screenplay of Rajma Chawal is gripping & it holds up the pace really well. The Leena Yadav direction is really good. Amyra Dastur as seher is so lovable. Aparshakti Khurrana has a very small screen time but he has done good justice with his role. Anirudh Tanwar as a lead actor was just average.

NEGATIVES:  The lead actor was a little bit let down for me. He looks dull & gives us a flat expression face every time. It lacks the depth of the mother-son relationship. Amyra Dastur character as a strong lady gets very little time and she lacks the character development


1. Picturization of Chandni Chowk.

2. Acting of Rishi Kapoor.

3. Performances of supporting cast.

4. Climax song based on Chandni Chowk.

5. Facebook chat between father & son.

VERDICT:-  Rajma Chawal is the best dish served with heart & love.




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