Sex Education is a well balanced & clever combination of fun & education.


Sex Education is a well balanced & clever combination of fun & education.


STORY:- Otis Millburn, A 16-year-old Virgin teenager boy uses his sex knowledge to solve the sex-related problems of schoolmates by giving them sex therapy with the help of his friends & sex therapist mother.

ALERT:-  This series is not about violent porn, it’s all about education on sex & it’s for all age groups.


POSITIVES:-  Sex Education is an excellent season with some hilariously funny moments. I have binge-watched all 8 episodes & every episode is just a remarkable piece of writing. Writer’s have handled such a difficult topic related to sex with tight writing & gives us a roller coaster ride of education on sex. There are no cringy & weird sex sequences. There are only issues related to sex, like erectile dysfunction, Premature ejaculation, Inhibited Sexual Desire, Lack of sexual desire, etc. The cinematography is eye-popping & shows us some really good locations of pine trees & everything looks colorful. Sex Education also deals with the issues related to LGBTQ. Let’s talk about acting. The lead character @asabopp as Otis is so good, looks very convincing & authentic. @emmatmackey as Maeve is fierce & rebellious. She looks like the doppelganger of @margotrobbie. @ncutigatwa as Eric is the best thing about this series. He is too damn good in funny scenes. He completely overshadowed others. The Direction by @laurienunn is very engaging & gripping. The background music is more like 80’s pop & it sounds really good. This series is way far better than cliche American series & it will educate you for sure. Sex Education will help you to clear your vision related to sex.

NEGATIVES:  Sex Education is a beautiful series but it has some small problems. Some protagonist was boring & cliche. Some episodes were very much predictable but you can ignore all such things for better writing, acting & direction.


1.  Locations.

2.  Star Cast Performance.

3.  Sex Problems sequence’s

4.  School funny sequences.

5.  Cast Diversification.

6.  Acting of 7 kids

VERDICT:-  Sex Education is a well balanced & clever combination of fun & education.

WHERE TO WATCH:- @netflix

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