The Umbrella Academy is an out of the box stuff, its bloody violent & funny.


The Umbrella Academy is an out of the box stuff, its bloody violent & funny.


STORY:- A group of siblings with superpowers reunited to save the world from an apocalypse.

ALERT:-  This is the best series based on time travel & there’s some great music with great visuals.


POSITIVES:- The Umbrella Academy is simply beautiful season based on time travel. It offers a lot of variety like situational comedy, crime, time travel, family drama, revenge. Each element is perfectly well balanced & it offers us something new in each episode. There is a total of 10 episodes, every episode starts with suspense & ends with suspense. The screenplay is totally non-linear & narration is really good. It will make you curious to know the whole suspense every time. This is the very cleverly written screenplay with a great number of twists and turns. Music is the soul of this season. The sequence’s of fights are beautifully captured by the cinematographer with some great music. The character developments are petty amazing and every character has depth. The 7 siblings past & their superpowers are very well elaborated. The Klaus & Number Five will hook you up till the end with their commendable acting skills. There are two bounty killers hazel & cha-cha, their banter will give a really good time. Rest of the siblings were good. The scenes of siblings past & their relationship with their adopted father are cleverly written & it’s very emotional in some parts. The feuds & arguments between 7 siblings are really great & it shows their bond with each other. The direction is simply amazing. This show offers us something new every time in each episode.

NEGATIVES: From episode 3 to 8 everything becomes very slow. It will confuse your mind a lot till the climax. There’s very less information about Mr. Umbrella. Some plot twists look totally unrealistic. It lacks crisp editing.


1. Klaus & Number 5 Acting.

2. Music & Action Scenes.

3. Time Travel Scenes.

4. Hazel & Cha-Cha banter.

5. Twists & turns.

6. The world of commission.

7. The intro sequence of every sibling.

VERDICT:-  The Umbrella Academy is an out of the box stuff, it’s bloody violent & funny.

WHERE TO WATCH:- @netflix

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